Asked on Feb 4, 2012

I use Stabil to stabilize gasoline on garden equipment used seasonally. Is it effective on gasoline containing ethanol?

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  • I do believe it is. As I do not think you can purchase any fuels these days without it. Unless your speaking of aviation fuels. But that contains lead anyway and not available to the normal public for use. Besides you do not want to pay $5.00 a gallon anyway.

  • The marine Stabil is more effective in dealing with the ethanol problems. There are two things to deal with in long term gas storage. One is that the additives break down and create a varnish that makes the gas much less volatile ( flammable) . Normal Stabil fights against that. The other problem is that the ethanol in modern gas mixtures in this country will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, thus adding water to the gas. Since this is a greater problem for marine users ( engines within two feet of the water have a really humid environment), the Marine formula is designed to contract it. The best way to avoid airborne moisture contamination is to keep the tank full and the cap tightly closed, and protected from rain Those two problems make it pretty darn hard to get it to burn the way it is intended to. It is aggravating to have to dump expensive bad gas. A third problem is with some of the older equipment where the rubber fuel lines were not made to resist the damages that alcohol can cause. Stabil does not prevent damage to those parts and they often need to be replaced. The geniuses in DC have inadvertently created a jobs program by requiring ethanol mix in gasoline. Folks have to replace fuel lines and rebuild carburetors, or buy new tools

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