Asked on Apr 24, 2013

Need help with lamp restoration project

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Would anyone be familiar with this fixture? Know where replacement blue shades can be purchased? We have 20 of these we need to restore. Am open to DIY suggestions. Remodelers, Commercial lighting folks, Interior Decorators or Designers..can anyone help me..pleez :)
Trying to restore or find
There are 20 left minus their blue shades
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  • My first look would be a stained glass craft store. They may be able to come up with something for you. If it's not glass, try a stationary store for color shaded plastic rolls.

  • Pamela Scruggs
    on May 1, 2013

    Hey, thanks for the comment. The fixtures are in a burger joint so glass overhead might be a liability..could you recommend a source for a plastic weight that would not melt from the heat of that bulb being on for 16 hours a day?

  • Try looking at colored lens replacements for those 2x4 ceiling fixtures you see in every office building. They are very flexible and should be able to be formed into the shape you need. You may even find them in the big box stores.

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