We worked with a client to showcase a 48" granite millstone.

In the small garden behind the house, the goal was to create a water feature with the millstone as the central focus. After much brainstorming and many sketches, this is what we designed and installed. The water level was lowered for the photograph to display the detail of the brickwork and the center support column. One does not see the liner, wires, or overflow pipes as the fountain is enjoyed. Pre-planning and creative design of all aspects of a feature is what we believe sets ours apart.
We located a matching brick to the house to create the 7' x 7' basin. A bluestone cap was installed to dress up the top of the wall. This small garden space now has a beautiful water feature that sets it apart from a normal backyard area.
A custom fountain showcasing a 48" antique granite millstone. The millstone weighs around 800 pounds. The functioning water level height is normally one brick below the bluestone top.

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