Asked on Apr 25, 2013

name of a warm white paint?

Loris LutkeElaine SegaleStephanie (Sandpaper & Glue)


I have been thinking of painting the interior of my home white...not a stark white but a warm white. I also need a matching trim color. Do you know the name and brand of paint that would be a good all over choice?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Apr 25, 2013

    I'm a big fan of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints. As far as colors go there are 100's of "off whites" to choose from. I would recommend that you visit your local paint store and pic up a handful of the paint sample cards...bring these home and look at them in various rooms and during different parts of the day...daylight vs electric lights will alter their appearance. once you have some narrowed down you can pick up small samples and try them out. spending a few bucks for some samples can save a lot of money and time down the road. This pic shows a recent project I've been working on, the owner ended up choosing the medium blue for the wall on the right, and one of the lighter greens for the wall on the left.

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  • I love Behr's White Truffle-- it's white with a soft soft beige undertone. It's white without being stark.

  • Elaine Segale
    on Apr 25, 2013

    Kelly Moor Swiss Coffee is excellent and it lasts forever - painted my home 15 years ago and it still looks great and you can touch up without it being noticable.

  • Loris Lutke
    on Apr 25, 2013


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