Asked on Feb 7, 2012

Now that it has been decided to put a hydrangea tree in my front yard, with grey sideing and maroon/burgundy shutters

3po3Terri JYamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs


and door, what color do ya'all think would look best? I have golden junipers right in front of the house, so I have some green/golden color all year round.
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  • 3po3
    on Feb 8, 2012

    Sorry, I'm probably just tired and missing something, but what are you re-coloring? And can you post photos, at least of what you've got, and maybe the type of hydrangea you've chosen.

  • Are you repainting the siding and the shutter and you are looking for colors that will compliment the hydrangea? Your post is not clear about what you are trying to paint. Can you clarify?

  • Terri J
    on Feb 10, 2012

    It's vinyl siding so no, I won't be painting that. The shudders do need repainting as they have faded, or else just by a new pair. They are solid, one piece and supposedly "fade resistant" - Yeah right! So, I am looking for hydrangea colors to compliment the house - njot vice versa. If the hydrangea tree form comes in purple, that is what I was leaning towards. I don't know why, but I am not crazy about pink or white. Please, tell me how you think that will look, and if not good, what you would suggest.

    • Emma Reid
      on Feb 24, 2015

      @Terri J Hi Terry....not much help here right??? The colour of your hydrangeas will depend entirely on the soil you have it planted in. Go to your local garden centre and tell them what you want...they will steer you in the right direction as far as to what properties need to bei n your soil. It's an easy fix. My personal preference is the "P G Hydrangeas". It's a small tree, not a bush. Easy to prune. Looks great anywhere, Good luck.

  • 3po3
    on Feb 10, 2012

    Sorry, I wasn't getting what you were asking. Sounds like purple hydrangeas would look really nice. Go for it.

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