Still looking for a contractor to remodel my kitchen. S & W gave me a quote over the phone of 20k. , which is ridicules, without even looking at the kitchen. Are there any contractors out there who will come and give me an estimate. thanks angela
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  • Angela, there are several contractors here that may want to help you out. You can find them by doing a search on the top of the page. As far as pricing. I also as a contractor try to "feel out" my clients by giving them prices that are typically found when a client tells me some of the ideas they want to do with a project. And its not to uncommon for them to be turned off by the numbers. Much like yourself. I have truly better things to do then go to a home in which a client tends to be window shopping. When talking on the phone, as an experienced company, I can tell in a few seconds if the person is shopping price, looking for ideas and wants to pick my brain, or is really interested in getting this done. If I throw numbers out and they get turned off by them its not going to be a good fit and I walk away rather then fighting with client and having the stress involved in the process. However the business climate that were all faced with, ends up costing us the contractor money as either the client does not understand what things really cost, or they are just shopping around for price or free design consultation. I am not going to get into the area of costs, good quality contractors pay their men well, they need to if they want the jobs done right. Add insurance, overhead and profit the numbers go up quite fast. So that must be factored into the job cost as well. My suggestion would be to start off with a kitchen design consultant first. These great folks can help you decide based on your budget exactly what you can and cannot do to achieve your goals and pocketbook. Once that is done, and depending upon the designer you choose, he or she can help you find the contractor that will fit the budget. Most kitchen companies offer this service with design plans for a very low cost in an effort to sell you their products. Some even do it for free if you bring in the dimensions to their office. But once you get these designs you will find the contractors more willing to bid on the project because you already have done and shown effort in wanting this job installed. On a side note, there are companies that offer to provide you with contractors, normally three by simply filling out a form on line. These companies have financial connections to contractors who pay them for your name. Many of these people who use this type of service tend to be price shopping only while only a few really want the work done. This type of sales service tends to harden the contractor as they pay in some cases close to a $100 for the clients name. While they really want the work. They do not want to spend any more of their time or effort in selling the job. They simply want to do the work. When they find that the client has no idea of what they want, and are just looking for numbers they simply walk away as its not in their best interest in attempting to sell to someone who has not put in any financial effort towards the project they want done. Once they hear that the client has plans etc they will be more willing to come out and really provide a working estimate for the job. Hope this sheds some light on this for you.
  • Angela, Excellent comments from Bob (Woodbridge). Hanley-wood publishes an annual cost vs value survey which is helpful in getting a feel for the cost of projects in your area....
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 08, 2012
    Angela 20 K for a kitchen remodel is on the "minor" scale...the national average for a minor kitchen remodel is about $21,700...while the average for a "major" kitchen remodel is about $58,000.. As woodbridge mentioned...many consumers are not fully aware of what some of these projects actually cost. I've completed some minor "minor" kitchen remodels in the 5-6k all depends on material choices and the scope of the project. A pro grade range can cost upwards of 5K all by itself. Add in granite counters at $75 a sq foot and you can quickly see where this may end up. A Simple paint job and replacing cabinet hardware, may "qualify" as a remodel in some eye and only set you back a few all depends on the scope.
  • AA Marble & Granite, LLC AA Marble & Granite, LLC on Feb 09, 2012
    Angela, Call 'The Kitchen Director' in Lakeland, Mark Warren. Tell him Susan Viviano recommended him. He is the President of the NKBA Central Florida chapter and does GC work. Great Guy, great showroom, great business man!
  • Way to go Bob....well put. Angela, I know how you feel both as a contractor , a real estate investor and a homeowner. While $20k sounds like's really about average for a middle of the road kitchen. Remember, even though the economy is tough right now...we've seen significant increases in materials the past couple of years. The only place most contractors can cut it on their labor & profit....all of our other costs have gone up. Get several quotes and be patient! Best of luck
  • Very well said and true there KMS. For a total remodel of a kitchen using quality materials, the materials alone could be upwards of $20k or more. Add in labor and profit on top of that and the kitchen becomes the most valuable spot in your home cost wise.
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Feb 23, 2016
    Make sure he's licensed. The reno includes, electrical, plumbing, building, installing, and finishing work, plus Permits! Best of luck.
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