Asked on Feb 7, 2012

Mirror on ceiling

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My church has a mirror on the ceiling which has a giant Chandelier hanging down from it. Looking up it makes me dizzy so I don't want to do it from a tall ladder any suggestions on how to clean the mirror without streaking it.
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  • You need good old elbow grease and working up close. So if you become dizzy you need to get someone else to do this. I find using a good quality glass cleaner and news paper you will end up with no streaks when done. Simply crunch up the paper in small balls and use that to wipe and clean. Change out the paper often and you should be fine. Also if the chandelier tends to need bulbs a lot or gets dirty as well. They make special hoists that can be mounted above the ceiling that will allow you to push a button and the fixture will lower down to the floor level where you can clean and service it without having to climb up all the time. May make the entire process safer and easier in the long run.

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