Asked on Feb 8, 2012

Advice on chalk paint and wax.

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I have an old fat pine mantle that came from my gran's old home place. It's heavy as sin and practically petrified. I've moved it 1000 times, it seems. I want to paint it with chalk paint and distress to the point of seeing wood grain....maybe more of a pickling effect. I plan to mount it on exterior wall under cover of overhang, them place my old coal grate in front of it, creating an outdoor fire site. I don't know anything about this waxing process. Want to know what kind and how much wax to use, and how to use it.
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  • Katherine, You can purchase the Annie Sloan chalk paint for this project. They have 2 types of wax, one dark and one light. The light wax is mandatory as it seals the paint. The dark is an option but it helps bring out that antique look better. Buy it at a local distributor in your area. The best thing is you do not have to strip existing seal/paint etc. You can paint over it and create the effect you just described Here is where you will find a distributor in your area- Here is where you will see hometalk chalk paint experts discuss their projects- Join the discussion, post pics of your mantle an d see the advise you will get from everybody. Good Luck!

  • The Empty Nest
    on Feb 8, 2012

    hey Katherine..I am a Annie Sloan retailer in Va. Feel free to ask any questions you might have...if I don't have an answer, I'll get it for you!

  • Christine Z
    on Apr 22, 2012

    Hi I really like the look of milk paint. Is there any application for which you would NOT recommend it?

  • Sharon
    on Feb 7, 2015

    hi there. I see this is an old post. How did it turn out? Can u update your post with an after picture?

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