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I just rewatched this video I had shot on a job a couple of months ago and wanted to remind anyone who is looking to

The importance of having your siding checked when your painting the exterior of your home.
have their house exterior painted to not only go with a great contractor but make sure they have taken the time to examine the siding of your home for any rot or damage that needs to be fixed first! This video is a great example. The house when it had been repainted prior to HandyAndy being there did a great job, they caulked and used decent paint but because of the LP siding and when it was installed it still rotted and needed to be replaced!! Check it out.

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  • Doing the paint job by hand or by spray also depends on where you live. For example, when I was living/painting up in NY, we always hand painted a house exterior. Now that I'm here in Florida, I'll paint nearly an entire house without ever really taking out a brush. The difference - what the homes are constructed of. They had siding up in NY, but the vast majority are stucco here in Florida.

  • Almost everyone in every market sprays now as that's the fastest and easiest way to be profitable in the paint business. We will brush and roll stucco hear as well. Most everything in metro Atlanta is spray painted with the cheapest materials....or you see painters cut a quality paint like Duration with water so it can be sprayed easier...thereby ruining the qualities of the paint. HandyANDY finally had to start offering spray in order to be competitive. Many of our clients still prefer hand painting and like our lifetime warranty. The key to a good lasting paint job is in the prep...which means proper cleaning...followed by using top quality materials. I grew up in NY as well and painted my way through college & grad school! thanks for sharing

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