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Asked on Feb 11, 2012

From Electric to Gas

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How difficult is it to convert a elec. range to a gas one and who does this , a plummer? What I mean is I want to bring Gas to the kitchen
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  • Jacqueline L
    on Feb 11, 2012

    I believe you'll have to purchase a new gas range, rather than convert an electric one to gas. If you have gas in the house; a plumber can run the line to your kitchen. I already have a gas furnace and a gas dryer, so I recently asked my plumber (in northern VA) for a quote to run the line into the kitchen so that I can install a gas range top: $1500. That doesn't include the cost of the appliance but would cover its installation. I haven't decided yet. I've only lost use of one burner on my flat glass top electric stove.

  • Jack B
    on Feb 11, 2012

    Yes I wNt a gas stove, did you read my last sentence....want to bring gas to the kitchen thanks for your reply, 1500 ks a little steep

  • A new line will start in the neighborhood of around $250 and go up from there. we get base price and $6.00 per foot plus per hour fee to install new gas line. Are you installing propane or natural gas. Propane can be done for slightly less. And in many cases the propane people will do this for a very low fee just to be able to sell this product. A plumber is the person you want to speak with. A heating professional may be used as well. Just remember you simply cannot just connect to the gas pipe. You need to be sure that the demand of the system matches the sizing of the pipe already installed. We have this issue all the time with the high end on demand hot water heaters. The client comes back after we install and ties into the gas system for a BBQ grill. And wonders why their hot water heater is not working every time they cook outdoors. So be sure the pipes sizes already in place can support the additional amount of gas that the stove requires. Also you may need to change the gas meter as its only sized for the current use demand.

  • Jack B
    on Feb 12, 2012

    where is Woodbridge Environmental, atlanta area? is this a plumbing co?

  • No NJ Area. I own a company also called The Home Care Club www.thehomecareclub.com besides my home energy company.

  • The cost in our market is going to come down to access. A plumber or handyman company can handle this for you. I assume you have existing gas to the furnace? Where is that located in proximity to the kitchen? How old is your home? Often, on newer homes, gas is run to the kitchen and just capped off if unused. Happy to look at it for you.

  • Jack B
    on Feb 13, 2012

    @Handyandy that sounds good When I get acess to t-home,closing soon I holler at u

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