Last spring a bought a new front door but haven't had it installed yet. It's the kind with one big panel of plain glass

. I wanted the extra light to come thru the door, BUT I'm a very private person and do NOT want anyone outside to see in unless I want them to. I want a blind, shade, etc., to cover so well that if I'm standing inside the door at night with my inside light on, a person outside will have no idea I'm there. My first idea was to get a blind for the door that I could raise during the day. But at night, someone outside would see movement on the sides of the blind, even if it overlapped the sides of the glass by an inch or so. I think a Roman shade would also allow movement to be seen. Is there anything that would 100% obscure inside movement to a person standing outside at night? Maybe I should just buy a door with a smaller window at the top of the door?
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