Asked on Feb 11, 2012

effiencey: air to air heat pump vrs geo thermal with same seer rating ie 13 seer for each

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  • Geo Thermal beats air to air hands down. Look into Water Furnace Every $1 spent in operational costs converts back to $5 of heat energy produced. And this is consistent. With air heat pumps this return on investment depends upon the outside air temp. Which is always changing. 13 seer is way to low if your thinking about installing them. You need to be in the SEER rating area of at least 19 and above. Some of the mini split systems are in the range now of SEER 28. If your asking which one if both had the same SEER rating, Cost wise the air system is lower in cost. Performance however the Geo system will far outperform the air system hands down.

  • Charles W
    on Feb 11, 2012

    thank you. i just wondered if the seer was same would effiency be same. i have geothermal, 3 units as a matter of fact & i could not be happier with their performance & effiency so thanks again woodbridge enviromental

  • The SEER just tells you how well the system performs as compared to others. So a 13 Seer would be the same performance wise as another 13 Seer unit. Sort of. There are other variables to consider but overall they produce the same amount of energy when all things are equal.

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