Getting Things Ready for Spring

These photos were taken in the rain, but it shows that we have been busy getting ready to get things outside. Everything is going to be colorful! The pots are for the porch...sitting in the rain because it is good for them. We got 3 Windmill Palms planted! We put out 5 Hydrangeas out front...1 new & 4 rooted (small but will grow). We will have hanging baskets in the arches and on shepherds poles. Notice the circle how sparse, but it will fill in...those Hostas will really get a lot bigger and that is a banana tree in the middle! A Granite MILL WHEEL! (Hubby anchored it to keep someone from taking it!) I just hope it all comes together. I will post later when porches and decks are finished! Wow! Lots of prep work!
Notice the windmill Palm! We learned it will grow in our zone! Hope we planted it far enough from the house.
We live in a tree house! The limb is almost touching our deck about 12' up!
These are my colorful pots sitting in the rain to liven up before we hang them!
Photo taken in rain, we have all kinds of palms. We have discovered Ponytail Palm (not really a palm) & love! These are for porch & deck.
This looks sort of pitiful now! Hee, hee, but it will fill in. Hubby anchored my MILL WHEEL so no one would take it.

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