Asked on Apr 28, 2013

Sometimes I think I'd like to have a small overhang over my back doors

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onto the deck. This would be useful if my dogs happen to be outside when it starts raining and I haven't noticed, so they're stuck outside. You'd think they'd get under the table, but they don't. They just stand at the door, getting wetter and wetter until I come let them inside. But my yard is very shady and inside this door is one of the brightest places in my house, so I don't want to obscure whatever sun might come into the kitchen with an overhang. I've seen that wavy clear plastic-looking stuff over some decks, but I think it's quite ugly so don't want to use it. Is there some kind of clear material I could use as a tiny roof for an overhang so I'll still get sunlight into the room? Here's where it would need to go.
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  • Jayme
    on Apr 28, 2013

    Yes there is a clear "panel" that you can buy. They are used in greenhouse construction. They come in different sizes and are UV stabalized so that they do not turn yellow. I found them at . It is called a polycarbonate panel.

  • Louise
    on Apr 29, 2013

    I looked at that site but am having trouble envisioning this product, even tho there's an image of it. It looks like window blinds. Guess I'll have to call the company and get more info. I never knew about anything like this, so thanks for the tip.

  • Energy Wise Mfg.
    on Apr 29, 2013

    Louise, Of course you could have a contractor come over and build you a portico which would be very nice but I'm thinking probably more than you are looking to spend. I'll just toss this out here for you, we could build a panel with a 1" X 1" frame and the clear glazing to any desired size, let's say 3' X 6' and you could simply attach it under your eave but you'd need to figure out the framework to support it. This would run you about $100.00 We build hundreds of these every year for people to enclose their porches and patios and you'd simply have one of these panels placed over the door for some weather protection. Just thought I'd toss this out there for you as an option. Eugene

    q sometimes i think i d like to have a small overhang over my back doors, curb appeal, doorsq sometimes i think i d like to have a small overhang over my back doors, curb appeal, doors
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