Photos of the Master Bathroom that I'm currently working on.

As you can see, there is mildew on the ceiling as well as the walls because they failed to use the vent fan for so long not allowing the proper escape of moisture. I'm in the process of rectifying that situation. Anywho, I'd like to get some ideas on some flush mount light fixtures I could use that are bright enough to light up the space. Home Depot didn't have much of a selection as it looks like most people are using the Bar style lights. But if I get the bar style, I'll need to hire an electrician to install the fixture. I'd rather get by with a flush mount for the time being.
Going to cover up the mildew with Kilz sealer/primer and give the walls a coat of paint. Going to install MDF trim with a semi gloss Alabaster paint. Going to go with a dark colored vanity as well as possibly a medium-dark colored sheet vinyl for the floor.
Speaking of the floor, I have to cut and remove rotted wood at the base of the tub. Can anyone provide advice as to what kind of plywood I would replace it with if I were going to put sheet vinyl on top of it?

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