My parents' chicken house.

60 Days

My parents wanted to put a small chicken house on their land. We built a pole barn and included the coop and a yard that is fenced in with hardware wire. The windows and door were bought at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is a great place to find things for projects.
The kids wore the old swing out. What a great place for a chicken house.
The bones are 6X6 rough sawn pressure treated pine.
Looks kinda like stone henge.
Now it looks like a chicken house.
Stick built roof. The roofing material is tin.
This is the front view.
Were getting there.
This cabinate is where the chicknes will lay the eggs. We have access from the outside to make it easier to get them.
This is the Yard.
The finished product.
This is the side view. If you look close at the bottom of the coop you can see a small door to make it easier to clean out.
Here is the yard. The swing set was repurposed to give the chickens something to play on.
Here is where the chickens will lay the eggs.

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  • Darby C
    on Feb 16, 2014

    Thanks for the great comments. They have 8 chickens up there and they are all laying. They have a heat lamp and l lights and are still laying every day. Next time I go up I will get some more pictures and post them.

    • Charlene
      on Feb 16, 2014

      @Darby C I'm sure you've had these questions, nice job - first off! It doesn't end up looking like an eyesore in the yard, but I well constructed, thought out "out-building" (for lack of a better description) How did you come to plan the design? Were you familiar already with what chickens require? Do your parents have a large property? Did you know a recommended sq. footage for the average chicken? signed: Interested in Canada

  • Stephanie George
    on Feb 16, 2014

    They may let them out to roam for bugs and worms in the yard during the day. I know someone with a similar coop, their chickens get "outings" every day. I like how safe it looks for the chickens. I can't imagine anything getting in. The only thing I may have missed in the pics was a roost.

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