Asked on Apr 29, 2013

Fixing a broken dresser.

Gail SalminenJeanette S


My oldest daughters dresser we have had for a few years. The drawers fell apart, but the shell was still good. I put these shelves in and bought some cloth cubes in it. I just have to figure out how to finish it. I think I am going to find some wood shutters to put on the outside and then paint the whole thing. Any ideas?
The drawers busted out and felll apart. Time for something new.
My little helper, Diana. We used 2x2 to hold the sides and the shelves are MDF.
Almost finished product. Just have to get some more baskets and maybe a door.
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  • Jeanette S
    on Apr 29, 2013

    I notice this is located behind a door and next to a window...looks like a perfect fit...if you add to it, you might make it not fit that space. I love the open look with boxes so I would just paint it a color she likes and put in boxes the color she likes. Great re-purpose of something that was broken!

  • Gail Salminen
    on Apr 29, 2013

    @Darby C nicely done! And you taught your little helper that not everything is trash, it looks amazing. I am sure she appreciates it all the more because she participated. I personally am in favour of the shelves with baskets look! Thanks for posting :)

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