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  • Teresa D
    Teresa D Snellville, GA
    on Feb 14, 2012

    gotta love those sliders! Helped me move a huge armoire across the room one time.

  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    on Feb 14, 2012

    i have some sliders that really help a lot to move heavy stuffs.

  • Designing Home INc.
    Designing Home INc. Marietta, GA
    on Feb 14, 2012

    Yes these are such a helper.

  • Culpepper Carpets and Interiors, Inc.
    Culpepper Carpets and Interiors, Inc. Atlanta, GA
    on Feb 15, 2012

    I have enjoyed the sliders for years, but i still have back issues. Do tell about the grabber plastic, I am not familiar with this.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Peace Painting Co., Inc. Alpharetta, GA
    on Feb 15, 2012

    It is a reusable thin plastic drop cloth with little rubber dots to keep it in place on places like wooden steps. If you have ever tried to work on a cloth drop cloth on wood stairs, you know how frustrating and dangerous it can be. The Grabber goes in place and stays there. We set up our off-set ladders on the steps and paint with no worries. They can be used over any 'slippery' areas but really shine here. Thanks for asking Lee Ann. Chas.

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