Making a rental house feel like home

I am looking for decorating ideas. Thank you!
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  • Tina Hill Tina Hill on Feb 14, 2016
    3M Command Brand adhesive velcro hooks and picture hangers are great !!! they allow you to hang things on the walls WITHOUT HOLES OR DAMAGE to the wall and come off clean ! With them you can add wall decor safely and still get your security deposit back when you move out !
  • AKP AKP on Feb 14, 2016
    This may not be a decorating idea as much as simple advice. We have rented numerous homes for vacationing, we normally go through (not a plug, just a fact). Anyway, what we LOVE in a rental home - simplicity and cleanliness. Be very very simple in the decorating. No clutter. Be extremely selective with what you hang on the walls, what you have sitting on a shelf or table. One of the best things about a vacation home is leaving behind the clutter of your own home! Having board games in the closet is a nice touch as well. :) 1 suggestion on decorating - just because it is a beach home (not saying yours is) please do not decorate in gaudy beachy style. The palm trees, coconuts, sand dune wall paper, sea shells everywhere. Can you see it??? Um, ick. Simple clean decorating, extremely clean home - that is what vacation renters like. At least that is what we like! Once had to clean a home for two hours when we got there. Not kidding, there was chicken in the oven from the previous renter, sitting on a cold dirty cooking sheet. No idea how long it had been there. Nasty.
  • Sarah Jackson Sarah Jackson on Feb 14, 2016
    I'm not clear on if you are saying you own a home and want to rent it out to others, OR you, yourself rent a home and want IT to feel more "homey". If it is the later and you're wanting to add some personal touches without damaging the walls, one trick that goes a long way is fabric. Fabric (either solid color or prints) can be dipped in liquid fabric starch and put on the walls (like wallpaper) and when moving, simply peel down and wash off the walls, no damage... switch out the curtains and just put the owner's back in their place when you move out.. etc...
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Feb 14, 2016
    I really like putting down my own area rugs especially high traffic areas with rugs.I hate dealing with carpet stains in a rental and it makes me feel like it's my paper in kitchen cupboards also makes it feel more like home to me.
  • Rick Lester Rick Lester on Feb 14, 2016
    Lynne, as a fellow Las Vegas home renter, I do know I am allowed to hang pictures, mirrors, window treatments, etc., which I have. When I moved in there was a qt. of touch up paint that has the code on the lid, plan on getting a gallon to keep plenty on hand. I have hung many a pic, taken down and moved them many a time to change up when I slightly redecorate, i.e.; add another homebuilt project. Just recently built a dry bar and a coffee station and had to move a medium size picture which meant that all my pics had to be reconfigured to accommodate said pic. Another option is to move items around the room or from room to room.
    • Lynne Lynne on Feb 15, 2016
      Thank you, I go to a lot of yard sales and thrift shops looking for things to make it my home. I would love to decorate a wall in one of the bedrooms with decorative washi tape, but the rolls look so small. I did get a compliment from my landlord last time she was in town about the house starting too look like a home. Thanks for your recommendation regarding the paint.