How 13 Dumpster-Divers Decorate for Valentine's Day

These trash finds went from rubbish to romantic!

By Hometalk Highlights

Mixed Metal Mantel Art from an Old Shutter

Turn the slats of an old shutter into an edgy, but affectionate sign for your holiday mantel.

‘XO’ Garland from Puzzle Pieces

Turn that incomplete box of puzzle pieces into a colorful ‘XO’ garland for the mantel.

Sweet Sign from Rusted Hardware

Collect some hinges, cookie cutters -whatever you’ve got- and create this romantic sign.

Cozy Cuddle Pillow from Old Clothes

Sew scraps of old clothes into a cute throw pillow, to make your night-in cuddling even cozier.

Rustic Romantic Hanging from Branches

Cut branches from the yard into thick wood slices, then craft this large-scale heart hanging.

Hearty Treat Bags from Old Maps

Make these tasty treat packs for each of your Valentine’s, by sewing pouches from old maps.

Valentine’s Day Display from Extra Mason Jars

Turn a few mason jars into a pretty tabletop display for a free console table or countertop.

Painted Love Letters from Thrifted Plates

Turn plates from the thrift store into chalk-painted love notes to put on the wall or tabletop.

Sacred Heart Sign from Dollar Tree Trays

Cut a foil Dollar Tree tray into a sacred heart decoration to light up your Valentine’s home.

Artsy Heart Hanging from Thrift Store Frames

Hang up a few frames from your thrift store and fill them with pretty crafted decorations.

Cute Cupid’s Arrow Wreath from a Basket

If you’re lucky enough to spot a heart-shaped thrift store find, make it a sweet wreath.

Romantic Twine Design from a Wood Heart Sign

She found this sign for July 4th, but she turned it into romantic twin-wrapped decor.