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Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall

What do you do when you want an eye popping entry way? Read this post and we will show you!
Time: 5 Hours Cost: $480 Difficulty: Medium
We have an entry way with no snazzy fixings...so ...we fixed it by adding an eye popping barnwood inspired Distressed wood wall in to the niche' and trey ceiling just inside our doors.
This artisan Barnwood created for us special @Restyle Junkie, a local wood artisan shop, helped us bring our entry to life. We started by measuring our studs, marking them and then cutting the wood to the length necessary for install.
We continued adding the Barnwood by staggering it up to the top of the niche' ceiling.
Once all the wood was staggered we used our table saw to create the last row of wood to perfectly fit.
But, we did not stop there. I looked up seeing the trey ceiling. Quickly calculating the square footage, I ran to the shop to see if I could stretch the artisan barnwood we had left to complete the trey.
Once we finished both the trey ceiling and the niche', we completed the look by adding our Homegood and TJMaxx finds. The art is special as it's our favorite place to visit in St Louis - The Nathan Frank Band Stand on Pagoda Island - St Louis
Just look at the beauty! You know you want to know where we got the wood!
The unlikable entry way has become our favorite spot in our home. The way the wood matches our decor is pure awesome!!!
Want to know more about this wood. Come find out where we go it on our blog. There is a full video by the company that makes the wood - you can totally see how new wood will have a 150 year old appearance!

To see more: http://helloilivehere.com/barnwood-inspired-distressed-wood-wall/

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