McMansions & Victorians are out; Modern, Neo-Mediterranean & Bungalows are in. Agree? What's your favorite style

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  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Feb 21, 2012
    I have been attracted mostly to smaller neo-med. You can occasionally see one of these inside Atlanta. I like the atmosphere it exudes. Meanwhile back at the brick ranch, I would like to paint mine to resemble. Nice post. CPeace
  • Z Z on Nov 09, 2013
    You can call them out if you want but we love our Victorian Revival home. Though I love the style of the real thing, I'm a new home person so for the last eleven and a half years (18 months of those actual construction) we've been building our dream home. It's still incomplete, but it's home. The only room that gets little use is the Ladies Parlor, but we do use it. While in the design stages I changed the walls around to make the formal dining room into our home library as we are avid readers. The dining table is in the sunroom off the kitchen and the Gentleman's Parlor is our TV room. One of the four bedrooms is my "drawing room". It not only draws me in on a daily basis, I also happen to draw in it. The other three bedrooms are used as bedrooms. Our basement is our woodwork shop. Yes it's a larger home, but we don't consider any of the it's space wasted.
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