11 Totally Unexpected Ways to Fill Your Blank Walls (In Minutes!)

We never would have imagined filling walls like this!

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang a Collage of Windows

Collect some disconnected windows and arrange them into a stunning and surprising display.

Turn Wooden Letters into Printing Blocks

Get this charming vintage look using different sized wooden letters from the craft store.

Pair Watercolor and Gold Leaf

Let some watercolor paint drip down your canvas, then add dimension with a gold leaf rim.

Craft a Colorful Mirror from Wood Shims

Construct this bright frame from wood shims to showcase a mirror on your blank wall.

Line up a Bunch of Frames for Large Scale Art

Print one picture in many parts, to create this large scale grid look & fill that boring wall.

Cover a Wall in One Huge Mural

Instead of breaking it up, you can use one huge image to turn a whole wall into a stunning mural.

Roll Book Pages Into a Textured Masterpiece

Roll and fold loose book pages, to create this textured paper masterpiece that fits any space.

Pack a Corner with an Eclectic Gallery Wall

Combine different elements all in one style or palette, for a cohesive and cool gallery look.

Build a Display Shelf from Popsicle Sticks

Glue up a storm, with this popsicle stick display shelf that look so much chicer than it costs!

Make Metal Wall Grates from TP Tubes

Cut and roll TP and paper towel tubes into intricate grates, then spray paint!