Faux Brick Wall

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This paneling helped me give our dining room a fresh new look. The total project came in $8 *under* budget. Thrifty!

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor


faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Panels are 4' x 8'. Our ceiling to floor height is 12'. Purchased at Home Depot for $26 per panel.

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Hub screwed panel into studs then used finishing nails for extra security.

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Caulked seams

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Did some research and learned the mountain peak painting technique was the way to go to avoid it looking painted in blocks. Basically, that is just paining horizontal "peaks," letting that dry and then putting a coat of paint over the entire wall. This method gives the wall depth/character and draws your eye away from the panel seams. I used homemade chalk paint, otherwise this amount of store bought chalk paint would have cost a fortune (chalk paint "recipe" to follow).

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Chalk paint recipe

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Completed with chalk paint all over

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Rubbed off some bricks with damp cloth to let "brick" color come through

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

New table and bench

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Yard sale chairs (3 in all) chalk painted, distressed, recovered with $5 worth of Waverly fabric from Walmart.

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

End result (still need crown moulding). Rug from Walmart. Other 3 chairs gifted to me from my MIL (chalk painted and distressed). Had the window pane and "H" in the basement. Spray painted them black.

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Table w/leaf in for add'l seating. The curtains are a $10 Walmart tablecloth that I cut in half. I was too lazy to break out my sewing machine so the cut edges were "stitched" and rod pockets created using Stitch Witchery (found in sewing/craft department).

faux brick wall, diy, wall decor

Update: Christmas 2016

Thanksgiving 2018
Thanksgiving 2018

faux brick wall

January 2019

Suggested materials:

  • Paneling  (Home Depot)
  • Plaster of Paris  (Home Depot)
  • Latex paint  (Home Depot)
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  • Stacy
    on Sep 6, 2017

    Do you think this would hold up as back splash behind a stove???
    • Mia Lugar
      on Sep 4, 2018

      I sure wouldn't use it anywhere near a stove because splatters, spits, grease couldn't be washed off!

  • Sophia
    on Nov 14, 2018

    Would you please give an example or a better explanation for the mountain peak painting? I dont understand it at all. Thank you.

    • CJ Mullen
      on Jan 20, 2019

      It would not be “elevated” but it would be more opaque were there are two coats of chalk paint, and the coat that went over the red part of the brick for the first time would have more of a washed effect. Hope that helps. ( I am a former art teacher who used to also do diy projects before we fostered to adopt and before I was diagnosed with pretty bad fibro.)

      Now I so want to do this in my house, just can’t figure out where 🤔 If I do it in a bathroom I will need to seal it and most sealers are too strong smelling for me to be around. 😐

  • Brwa Ismail
    on Dec 9, 2018

    Hi dear

    I am trying to get is brick panel but I can't find it anywhere , I need information please

    Thanks to everyone

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