10 Hidden Spots in Your Kitchen You Could Be Using for Storage

It never seems like there's enough kitchen space - but here's what you're missing!

By Hometalk Highlights

Put spices & jars on the side of your cabinet

Hang IKEA racks in an open space on the side of one cabinet, for extra container storage.

Hang your utensils under your cabinets

Make a rotating rack for those clunky serving pieces above your countertops.

Hang your spices on the wall with magnets

Put magnets on your spice jars, so you can store them up on the wall with ease.

Put your pots up on a wall rack

Get those bulky pots out of your cabinets and hang them in easy cooking reach.

Fill in the space by the fridge with a pantry

If you've got a gap alongside your fridge, make use of that space with an added roll-out pantry.

Use file sorters for boards & pans

Stick a few file sorters in your cabinets for those hard to store items, like cutting boards & pans.

Add spice shelves inside your cabinets

Hang a few easy shelves inside your kitchen cabinet, to make some extra space for spices.

Or make a simple holder for cutting boards

Add a simple shelf and holder inside your cabinet, to store flat items vertically.

Put up a pegboard wall for utensils

Turn a wall into a much needed organizer, by adding a large piece of pegboard.

Put a DIY trash bag dispenser on a shelf

Use wooden pieces (or even an entire crate) to store trash bags in a clean, efficient way.