DIY Plastic Bin Redo

Redo Plastic Bin with pegboard
I had two white plastic storage bins from Walmart, that I didn't know what to do with. I did know that I needed a place for all my makeup and hair stuff. I saw a post about redoing the bins and ran with it.
The bins are Sterilite 3 Drawer Cart- White. I attached them with zip-ties in the back
I bought some peg boards sheet from Home Depot and cut them to cover the sides.
After wrapping the sides with the Con-tact Drawer/Shelf Liner, I punched the holes out with a small screwdriver and attached the sides to the bin.
I used zip-ties to attach the peg boards.
For the top I used 1/2 plywood that I had left over. Cut it to size and wrapped that in the Con-tact Drawer/Shelf Liner. I attached it with small screws to the top corners. It was cut to allow for a small overhang to cover the sides. I used 3/4" corner molding. That was attached with nail glue.
I just cut some scrapbook paper down to size and slide them in the front. I attached them with double sided tape. I might laminate them in the future.
For added storage I attached 2 PVC pipes, that I covered in teal duct tape, to the sides with the zip-ties.
Close up of the PVC pipe as holders.

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  • Pam
    on Feb 22, 2016

    This looks great! Would love some details on what you use and how you did it?

    • Dami B
      Dami B
      on Mar 26, 2016

      Just updated with some info of what and how I did it!

  • Pamela Vado
    Pamela Vado
    on Feb 22, 2016

    What are the details on how it's done???

    • Dami B
      Dami B
      on Mar 26, 2016

      Just updated with some info of what and how I did it!

  • Mishalucy
    on Dec 20, 2016

    Did the wood add structure to the bins?

    • Carol
      on Feb 23, 2019

      The zip ties and peg board on the sides adds a great deat of stability, as well as the borad on top. She could have gone a step further and added a 1/2" piece of plywood on the bottom as well. You would even be able to add sturdy casters this way. I've got some work to do when the weather warms up to make my sewing & craft room storage bins much better! I can't thank you enough for sharing this fantastic idea and the very clear directions!

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  • Karen Ann Schaub
    Karen Ann Schaub
    on Aug 28, 2017

    I think you did an excellent job and its a wonderful idea. Couldbe used for arts & crafts, thinking of using it for a sewing table and then keeping my sewing supplies in all the drawers. Thanks for the idea.
  • Deb Schroeder
    Deb Schroeder
    on Dec 7, 2020

    Great idea!

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