Garden Globes

After seeing so many posts on diy garden globes, I just had to try it. I started searching for old bowling balls but all I found were priced too high. Then little by little, it all came together and and I now have six garden globes that I just love. Hope you do too.
I found these lighting globes at the Goodwill for half off.
I started applying glass flat sided marbles(Dollar Tree) with this adhesive but they started sliding and I got impatient, so I went to hot glue. Worked great and no slipping.
Stones from Dollar Tree and a few engraved stones left over from my daughter's wedding.
Fast forward, six different globes.
After a few weeks of researching and shopping for the cheapest and best choice of grout, I found a bag for $2 at the Habitat Restore. Messy job for indoors but snow outside made me do it in a large tub on my kitchen table.
This is the adhesive I used (always on hand, great stuff) to put a base on my globes since they are open on the bottom.I has silicone so it will be water tight. I wanted to make them as outdoor friendly as possible.
Again, being the cheap-skate I am, I found lg. mason jar lids at the Habitat Restore. They fit over the opening perfectly. I used plenty of adhesive around the ring and inside the ring sealing it completely.
Some only had the ring so I used some bottom pieces from old Tupperware parfait glasses.
After letting the bases dry over night(resting on plastic bowls,in the background), time for a paint job. To protect the globes, I cut circles in the bottom of grocery bags and taped them tight around the globes.
I had just enough left over paint from other projects to do the bases.
It was a bit colder outside than the paint recommends, but it dried fast.
Finished drying inside.
Now they sit upright and are water tight and weather protected. I think they are so cute.
After about 2 1/2 weeks and countless inches of snow, I can finally get outside to seal the grout. I used Thompsons water seal (had cedar colored on hand).
I poured some in a plastic container and used a cheat chip brush to slather it on. Make sure you cover your table, this is messy.
And wear gloves.
Don't worry about the cloudy way the marbles look. Let them dry for a couple hours and wipe off the stones and marbles with an old cloth.
After a bit of elbow grease, they shine like new.
Now, find the perfect place for them in the garden.
Now if only my gardens recoup from the long, cold winter we've had. Happy Spring, everyone.

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  • Karena Stetson
    Karena Stetson
    on Oct 19, 2019

    The finished project would be nice to see. Can you post a picture of that please.

  • Sally De Silva
    Sally De Silva
    on Feb 6, 2020

    I want to try these. My garden needs to be brightened up. Will have to check the thrift store on my next visit to see what I can find. Was it necessary to use the grout ??

    • Judith
      on Jun 16, 2020

      Yes, grout is necessary, otherwise you will have large spaces between the stones which will not look finished. You can make the grout any color you want and seal it with clear not colored water sealer. Have fun.

  • Ruth Mills
    Ruth Mills
    on Apr 13, 2020

    I am definately going to try this! Did you find anything for bases? I read somewhere that a person used large vases glued to a large plate or some clay pots glued together and painted! Still, thank you for sharing! I have bad arthritis but want to create a beautiful flower garden and you definately got the ideas flowing!

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  • Deb Schroeder
    Deb Schroeder
    on Dec 2, 2020

    Super clever and beautifully done! Thank you for the great idea and instructions. 🤗

  • Patricia Goodman
    Patricia Goodman
    5 days ago

    I like this, fun craft for me and my grandkids to try!

    • Bernice H
      Bernice H
      Just now

      These are really nice to do..I have done them for years. I give candle jars with candy and a votive in them as random gifts. I do vases. These are pottery style lamps I did and vases and candle jars. Have fun. I also have done glass picture frames! 👋

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