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DIY Engineering Print and Frame

I am in the process of re-designing my son's big boy room. I used to have Ikea picture shelves on one wall but my son pulled from down while trying to get a book from the top shelf. I removed the shelves until I decided what I wanted to put in their place. My son inherited the Trofast storage bin from his sister. That still left a large blank space over it. I started thinking maybe a map would be good for this space but since I was going for an industrial, rustic feel in his new room, I thought a blue print would be better. I searched online for a car blue print since I was adding a loose cars theme. I found one of an Audi R8. The only thing is, it was in black and white. I wanted it in blue and white to go with the colors in his room. I loaded it into Photoshop and had my husband show me how to change the colors. After I was done, it was perfect.
I wanted to try my hand at the engineering prints from Staples. I loaded it online and had it printed in a 24x36. Let me tell you, I am impressed with how well it turned out. I read some other reviews saying it can be grainy or blurry but it was perfect. A big tip here is make sure your original photo has a high resolution. When I uploaded my picture, it wasn't exactly 24x36 and was a little short and would have had some white for me to trim off. When I picked up my print, it fit the whole sheet and I asked about it. The employee had resized it so the picture would fit the whole sheet of paper. Doing that caused my picture to stretch a little lengthwise but I'm cool with it.
I found a tutorial from Young House Love on making a wooden frame.
I love how this project turned out.

To see more: http://decoratingcents.blogspot.com/2016/02/diy-engineering-print.html

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