Asked on May 5, 2013

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Question, where does a person seek monies to restructure and build a bathroom for an autistic man (35yrs old) that needs industrial strength walls and flooring? He has ruined four bathrooms in 14 yrs. in desperate need again. Smell is importable and facilities are wearing down again. Didn't know where to ask. Thank you for any guidance you may have to give. He is the son of a Vietnam veteran who is (78yrs old). Funds are tight.
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  • Your local township should have special programs that you can apply for to fix and correct the bathroom the way it should be done. Properly designed and installed baths should last many years regardless of ones handicap. If the town does not have any special programs or ideas, try his DR, for ideas on where to get help for this. I am sure your not the only person that has this same issue so you may also find assistance with any local or state programs designed around autistic individuals.

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