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Hi I just moved in to a older house with the box that came with the house it's a 60s house and everything is really old we just had a bathroom ventilation fan installed and everything was fine now the power to the rooms in the plugs and a few other places refuse to turn back on what is an estimate of a new electrical box the fan is wired to a preexisting box that was there for an old heater so I don't know what the problem might be.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Feb 23, 2012
    If you are just replacing a panel box, I believe we paid about $800. It was a pretty simple and quick job for the electrician, and our house is small. If yours is more complicated or other factors are involved, that will obviously affect the price. Now, it sounds like you need to have an electrician come out and troubleshoot this problem first. It may be a different issue. But, if you have the original panel, it's probably a safety hazard so it's worth replacing.
  • Are you talking about the main electrical panel box or the ceiling or wall box in the bathroom itself that a previous heater lamp was connected to. I'm guessing you're talking about a outlet box within the room. First, you might want to hire a local electrician to trouble-shoot for you; It not, check your connections to new fan. Is the house on circuit breakers or fuses? If breakers, turn the affected breaker all the way to the off position until it clicks. Clients often forget to do that and most breakers won't reset until turned all the way off first. Then turn the breaker back on and see if that works. If you have fuses, check to make sure it's still good and get the right kind & size to replace with. You can normally take an old one with you to a local Ace Hardware and get just what you need. The big boxes tend to only carry what they sell alot of; Plus, a heater would typically be on a separate circuit without anything else. All advise is written without benefit of my morning coffee but if none of this helps, try finding a local electrician in your area. Check with local real estate agents with listings in your area as they may know someone they trust and can recommend!
  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Feb 24, 2012
    Be sure to check if any GFCI ooutlets are tripped. Some are installed to control several outlets.
  • Walter is probably on to something here. GFCI outlets oftentimes are wired to the bath fans and often trip without anyone knowing that it happened. You may also have one as a breaker in the main panel. So check that for being tripped as well. In any case, if you just had the fan installed and now things are not working as they should, get the contractor back, assuming he or she was a licensed contractor in the proper field and have them fix this for you. There should be no reason for the outlets in the house to no longer work if they did their job correctly,. And if any of the issues you now have are a direct result of their work, they should not be charging you for this fix. AS this should have been discussed with you prior to them doing any work if they felt that this would cause issues elsewhere in the home. Guessing at electrical issues is just that a guess, which is ok for things such as stains or cracks on walls. But when it comes to electrical concerns if outlets begin to stop working and breakers or fuses are not tripped, you can have a loose electrical wire somewhere that can lead to a house fire. Get this checked professionally if the GFCI breaker is not the cause of the faulty outlets.
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