Asked on Feb 24, 2012

Programmable thermostat - time gets out of sync automatically

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Every now and then the time is wrong on the thermostat and I have to reset it. The programmed time and temp doesn't change. It's the actual time that's wrong like it stopped ticking for a few hours (even though the heat is pumping). I want to know if it's something wrong with the thermostat itself before I buy a new one.
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  • 3po3
    on Feb 24, 2012

    Have you replaced your filters lately or had this furnace inspected? It sounds like it's hitting a temperature safety limit and tripping off the thermostat temporarily, even though the heat keeps working. This could be caused by clogged filters or other problems that make the heater work too hard.

  • Try googling the manufacturer and model and make sure there haven't been problems with the one you have. How old is it?

  • Some thermostats are powered by both a combination of re-chargeable batteries and heating/cooling system. When the system turns on and calls for heat or cooling the batteries take over until the system turns back off, at which time the power of the furnace re-charges the batteries in the stat. So if the thermostat is loosing time when the heat comes on, the batteries are no longer taking a charge and need to be replaced. The batteries that the thermostat uses are not over the hardware store counter types. You will need a heating contractor to replace them. If you do indeed have this type of unit, you would be better off replacing the entire thermostat as the ones today are a much better quality with many more options and the cost of the unit will be as much as the battery and labor to fix. For Ha-ha's Could this be a Honeywell thermostat?

  • Aneesah C
    on Feb 25, 2012

    Thanks for the responses. I'll startt with changing the filter and move down the list of suggestions. I moved in the house about 3 months ago so I'm not sure how old the thermostat is.

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