Door Makeover With Design Film

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Are you the comfort zone typ? I adore my comfort zone. I revel in it and enjoy every day that I can spend with it in peace. I´m talking here about true love! Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a bit boring, and then I leave my little safe haven and look what else is out there .
That is why I started to experiment with patterns in my home decor and created a new look for my living room door with some design fim *.
*I know! Not very adventurous. What can I say? I am a friend of babysteps.
Measurements for my design film
You can either order a large sheet with design film and then cut it yourself or you send the measurements for your design film to a company and they cut it for you. I chose the latter.
Before you place the design film, you must first wipe the surface clean. The design film itself is very easy to apply and if you placed it wrong, you can easily remove the design film and start over. Air bubbles underneath the design can be removed by simply stroking it smoothly to the sides.
Of course you can also only apply design film on certain elements of your door. Depending on the type of door there are anyway different surfaces to choose from. Tentatively I first only placed the center panels and then only the broad panels but in the end I liked it best, when all four panels are covered.
What do you say, should I dare to leave my “comfort zone” more often?
If you like to see more of my projects visit my blog - iust relaunched with a brand new design!

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Ronja Lotte

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  • Hannah V
    Hannah V
    on Feb 23, 2016

    Wow SO pretty!

    • Ronja Lotte
      Ronja Lotte
      on Feb 23, 2016

      @Hannah V I bet that´s what you say to all the crafters ;-) You sweet-talker ;-)

  • Sheila Martinez Westbrook
    Sheila Martinez Westbrook
    on Aug 15, 2016

    20 yrs ago when my 4 children were under 10 and we only had 1 bathroom I used contact paper to do the walls 4' up from the wall. It was cheap and easy to clean! You can imagine the messes and sanitary concerns but this was great even back then!

    • Ronja Lotte
      Ronja Lotte
      on Aug 16, 2016

      The best ideas are often born out of necessity or when money is tight. I know a little thing about the last one ;-) Thanks for sharing your memory :-)

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