9 Budget Ways to Make Your Walkway Look Even Better Than Last Year

Make your spring garden sparkle with a stunning walkway!

By Hometalk Highlights

Lay down shards of broken concrete

Broken pieces of concrete can create a pretty shattered walkway, especially when you surround them with plants.

Stain your dried out concrete walkway

If your concrete is looking weathered after a harsh winter season, refresh it with a coat of stain.

Surround your stepping stones with lava rocks

Define the edges of your simple walkway by surrounding it with red lava rocks.

Add a walkway as a flower bed border

Use pea gravel to edge your bright flower bed, to create a pretty strolling space.

Shape a pretty stone walk from concrete

Pour and stamp concrete to get the molded stone walkway you’re craving without the mess or money.

Use full pallets for an instant pathway

Lay down whole pallets to create an easy and instant garden pathway with rustic charm.

Line a boring walkway with bricks

Give your grey walkway a pop of color by lining the edges with rough red bricks.

Design a trail using inexpensive pavers

Make your own patterned pathway using inexpensive pavers, to amp up your unique curb appeal.

Get a planked wood look with stamped concrete

This will give your home that boardwalk appeal without giving you fussy wood planks to care for.