My colorful tires.

I finally did it. I had seen this idea on Hometalk some time ago and loved the idea. The color choices are not the best ones, but those are the only spray paint colors I had. I did not plant inside the tires, however I thought by placing the plants also would work. Over all it looks colorful. I will probably change the colors later on, once the colors fade away.

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      • Backyard Getaway
        Backyard Getaway Myakka City, FL
        on May 6, 2013

        I like the color choices very spring. I did this in our yard too but chose jewel bright jewel toned colors. It sits at the edge of our driveway and we always get compliments on it. The color is still strong after a year. You could spray paint the blocks to so they blend in. Love the old well pump too!

        • Elvira Pulido
          Elvira Pulido Mcallen, TX
          on May 6, 2013

          Thanks, yes I thought about painted the blocks too. I'll make sure those get painted.