Asked on Feb 25, 2012

I would like info on the true cost of replacing two fifty gallon gas water heaters.

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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 25, 2012

    6 year 12 year?...the cost of the heater itself can vary by as much as 100% I have seen basic electrics in the 350 range with higher end gas at 700 or 800. Installation costs are about the same. I recently replaced my 40 gal propane unit. With some added new valves, re-works, Stainless flex lines etc I got out the door for a bit under 800. I then spent as few hours re-working my supply and feeds line to allow for a simple flex line connection in the future. ( I relocated my meter too) A year ago or so I replaced an "indirect" heater for a client. This Triangle Tube Stainless steel "lifetime" tank cost $2200. An indirect heater uses a external heat source to heat the tanks water via a coil heat exchanger.

  • Pedini of Atlanta, LLC
    on Feb 25, 2012

    Have you considered in line gas water heaters, they are quite efficient now and save a lot of space. Another plus is not running out of hot water.

  • Look into local government gas distributor sponsored programs, you can get tax rebates/incentives or grants that can really help with the cost. My sister was able to get a tankless water heater installed for free (programs covered materials plus labor to install it).

  • Those are large heaters, If you have two in line to provide enough water for large tubs etc, you should consider a tankless system that will provide the same amount of water when needed without wasting any energy. Cost of higher end units run in our area around $3,500. That includes short side wall vent, gas pipe within 10 feet and simple water connections.

  • Craig G
    on Feb 9, 2015

    Unless you have an extremely large family one 50 gallon heater (gas) should do the trick. Look up reduced flow shower heads and faucets. If your a bath person use less water and share time with your mate. I am an electrician.

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