Asked on Feb 26, 2012

I had everything set up for a contractor to upgrade my bathroom but my disabled husband's health got worse,,not sure if,

Tonya HOne Man and A Hammer, Inc.KMS Woodworks


I can do it on my own. I aquired tiles and a toilet, but need a pedestal sink yet. I really want my whirl pool bathtub for my husbands health reasons I need to knock out a wall. ,, I fear this might get costly..
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  • For the tub and wall, I suggest that you leave that to the professional. The other stuff you may try and take on for yourself, or with the aid of some helpful friends. The tile and installing the sink/toilet are not really all that difficult if you are willing to learn how to do it. People here can offer direction on how to go about that sort of thing. It should help with the cost.

  • Ana M
    on Feb 27, 2012

    Tonya, YOU CAN DIY! I agree the tub and knock out leave to a professional. But everything else you CAN DIY! Ck out the bathroom re-do I did and if you have any questions you can message me. I also re-did my Master bathroom but I kept the shower and tub I had. Changed everything else, floor, toilet, cabinets etc.. and did it myself. Just do a little research. the toilet is as easy as following the directions. If you already have the sink and toilet out of your bathroom it will be easier to lay the floor, I did that for my Master bathroom, took all the cabinets out and laid the floor.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 27, 2012

    do you currently have a pedestal sink? The drain and supply location for these are a bit less forgiving than those used for most cabinet based vanities. If your bringing in a plumber to rework the tub...have them check the vanity area too to see if what you have will work with a pedestal.

  • Hi Tonya. DO yourself a favor and don't try to tackle the bathroom remodel on your own. Many mistakes can, and will, be made including the probability of a water leak. Consider this about the whirlpool tub. If your husband's health is failing, will he be able to get in the tub? It has been my experience, personally with my father and professionally with clients, that getting into and out of a whirlpool can be difficult for someone with any physical ailments. I have a feeling that you won't use the tub as much as you may want to. If you intend on having some type of lift system to assist your hubby in and out of the tub then maybe he will be able to utilize the tub. Otherwise, you may be spending money on something that will not offer an reward. I'm sorry your husband is not feeling well, here's hoping that he rreturns to health.

  • Tonya H
    on Mar 31, 2012

    I understand all concerns and thank you for help. I know how to do the tile and the toilet but the rest I will get a professional to help.

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