Asked on Feb 26, 2012

Sunroom remodel questions

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Our house in Norfolk, VA has an aluminum sunroom with a sloping roof. It was built over a deck and a tiled floor was installed. It has heat/air vents connected to the main house. We want to make it more cozy to use as a tv room by installing carpet and insulated/privacy window treatments. What are your thoughts? How do we hang window treatments & what kind on aluminum? Also, the two sunlights in the roof (not shingle) leak. How expensive is it to replace them or take them out and seal up that part of the roof? I'm not sure when the sunroom was added, but I suspect we should have the support beams checked to see if they are strong enough. Who do we get to do that honestly that won't just saying work needs to be done in order to get business? Concrete bricks were stacked under room to provide more support about 8 yrs ago. Thoughts? Recommendations?
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  • Elaine, this sounds like one of those situations where a person would have to put their own eyes on things in order to give you good feedback. I suggest that you call in at least 3 - 5 different contractors to get their opinion on things. Pay attention to what they have to say. If all 5 say that a certain thing needs to be fixed, odds are it probably does.

  • Glkirk Builders Inc.
    on Feb 26, 2012

    Elaine, Like Dan said; this is something that a person needs to look at to come to any sort of conclusion. And, with 3 conclusions, you will be able to make the decisions you are looking for.

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