Asked on Feb 26, 2012

I have no dinning room,, but want a bigger kitchen. I love Ana M island but how can I get to point A from B ?

Sarah A. VictoryTonya HAna M


I know I need mesurements of my kitchen and go from there, but the cost of help and l trying to go to classes is limited for me as a full time mom, college student, and low funds.
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  • Tonya, you might looks into seeing if your college has any type of construction classes going on. Not to take them yourself (though you might), but you could maybe offer up your home as a project for those who are taking the courses.

  • Ana M
    on Feb 27, 2012

    That is a great idea Dan, and if you want to build your own island, it's as easy as picking out and inexpensive pre-fab cabinet to complement your kitchen and then adding the surface you would like on top. I used two cabinets but you could use one cabinet to make it smaller. If you hunt around there are also a lot of furniture pieces you could use as bases for an island (garage sales, craig's st, ebay, clearance areas at stores) by then adding a custom top depending on your budget. Remember CUSTOM does not mean expensive just built to your liking and with YOUR budget!

  • Tonya H
    on Mar 31, 2012

    My college just started a wood shop this last semester. I am not sure who to ask for help since three professors use the room. I am on it though. thanks.

  • Sarah A. Victory
    on Jan 7, 2016

    I agree w/Dan's ideas---don't forget windows of all types also and you can find legs on ebay or at the hardware store. Top the window w/plexi-glass, metal sheeting--what ever is suitable for your needs and budget. Hang in there w/the education and one day you can have exactly what you want. Good luck!

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