Asked on Feb 26, 2012

Does anyone have any "words of wisdom" for selecting rubber flooring?

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  • 3po3
    on Feb 27, 2012

    Look for recycled rubber to be nice to the planet. Here's more on recycled rubber:

  • Look into the specific product's ability to resist scratches. Sometimes just sliding things like a table along it will leave nasty marks that are tough to get rid of.

  • Put down cement and wear rubber shoes? Steve nailed this answer.

  • What did you have in mind and where are you thinking of installing it? Kitchen?

  • Diana K
    on Feb 28, 2012

    We are working with a charity to remake a BR for a boy with CP. The floor is uneven, so I was thinking this may have some sort of cushioning and hide some of the imperfections. It also offers some color options to do some fun design. I am concerned about off-gasing, odors, etc. If anyone has other ideas on a good product (we are on a low budget), I would welcome ideas. Thought about sheet vinyl, but fun color options aren't great.

  • So AWESOME! I've yet to install rubber flooring other than in a garage so I tried to do some research. Aside from scuffs from sliding heavy furniture , I couldn't find any drawbacks. There are a ton of different styles and types to choose from and you might even be able to get a donation from a supplier given the nature of your project. These folks seemed to have a good selection: Please let us know how it turns out and thanks again for doing what you do!

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