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Door opening/size

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I'm purchasing a new prehung interior door for my bedroom. It's an addition and the door was originally an outer exit. The current door is 32 inches, but the space in the brick itself is exactly 36 inches, so there is a significant gap on both sides of the frame. However, I'd think a 36-inch door would require a larger opening than 3 ft. Also, the brick wall is very thick here, 9.5 inches, which is four inches wider than the other two brick-wall exit doors in the house. What width door should I purchase? And what kinds of changes will I have to make to the door's frame to accommodate the width of the walls?
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  • The challenge you have is that your converting an outside door opening to a inside type of door with trims etc. You can use the 32 inch door but you need to frame the opening to accept the pre-hung door rough opening. If its a standard 2'8" x 6' 8" door frame then you need to make the opening of the new door frame 34" wide by 82- 3/4" tall. Then once the door frame in placed in the new rough in framing, you then trim with what ever your choice of trim happens to be. You need to frame in such a manner that the opening side, (room in which the door opens into) is flush with the wall opening. Then finish and trim the rest of the exposed rough edges because of the thicker wall. You need to do this to allow the door to swing all the way around up to the wall area. If its set back in middle of opening then the door will not open fully which may be an issue if someone opens the door fast causing it to hit the wall edge damaging it or the door itself.

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