12 Must-See Reasons to Save Your Leftover K-Cups

Trust us, you're totally going to want to save your K-cups when you see these ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

They make gorgeous mini planters

Paint them silver, hang some crystals, and you’ve got beautiful planters to decorate your home.

They make wonderful fertilizer

What better way to recycle than planting new seeds in these cups?

They turn into cute Holiday gnomes

Those little beards are just adorable.

They turn into sweet and simple fairy houses

These cute mushroom house are perfect for your garden fairies.

They add a pop of confetti to any party

Perfect for celebrating the New Year or any other holiday.

They can be painted into hanging planters

Have your kids paint them bright and fun colors for a great art project.

They make adorable Halloween ghost lights

Paint on some faces and string some lights for spooky little lanterns.

They turn into perfect snowmen hats

Don’t you just want to hang these on your Christmas tree?

They make the cutest little Easter bunnies

Throw these into your Easter baskets with some eggs and chocolate, and you’re good to go.

They can light up any sign

We love how this blogger used K-cups to decorate her own backyard wedding.

They clean cooking smells off of your hands

Bonus: the coffee grounds also make a great hand exfoliator.

They make the cutest garland

This is such a quick and easy way to make the house feel a bit more festive.