Asked on Feb 28, 2012

Know anybody that builds apartments for good price

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  • Are you talking about a rehab from a current structure or a complete apartment from ground up? Cook College near us used modular units. Prefab two story units. They simply constructed a crawl space area for plumbing etc. and put in foundation walls. Then in the period of only about one week, they had several apartments set into place, piped and wired ready to go. Prefab home building companies are the way to go. They often time construct the entire building, better and faster as well as about the exact same cost with delivery for what it takes to build from scratch. And being from NC, your in the heart of this industry. That is where I would look to for ideas.

  • What's a good price? I imagine that in most markets you can buy cheaper than you can build right now

  • Murdock Properties
    on Mar 2, 2012

    From ground up,but from what I'm hearing it's hard to get under the 700,000 cost and I was only willing to put in Between 2 an 5 hundred..I wanted a 12 room unit the cheapest they got and I know it's got to be a way to get it cheaper than what they quote me

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