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Craft Room Closet Makeover {Love My DIY Home)

My mom passed away December of 2014. She lived in our home in our 3rd floor apartment.
One of the first things I did was convert her bedroom over into my craft room. It was to her room first that I would to run each time I finished a project or posted a DIY tutorial.
She was my best cheerleader.
It was totally fitting that I would turn her room into a craft room. It is where I feel close to her and remember how she supported everything I did.
It's one of my favorite rooms.
I took her closet, where I found a multitude of treasures after she passed, and made it into my mini office fit with desk, chair, utility boxes and the such.
We all need a place for our tools, right? This is one of my projects from a while ago. If you take your time and watch for deals and DIY little projects like this, you will end up with a great space. It's worth the effort.
Do you have your own happy place? I highly recommend you get one. Find a room. Or find a little corner.
For more details and additional pictures, visit Love My DIY Home. The link is below:

To see more: http://lovemydiyhome.com/craft-room-closet-makeover/

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