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Upcycled Drawers to Side Tables

We rescued some large mid century drawers and turned them into bright side tables.
2 extra large drawers, 8 little legs, and some scrap wood. The legs were attached with blind nuts and a wood shelf was added. A couple coats of paint later and bland drawers become bright accents. I chose to leave the original handles on to keep the mid century feel, two sets of legs were used, although they didn't match exactly, we trimmed one pair and the slight miss match adds to their charm and uniqueness.
*Due to many questions I am adding more info here after original publishing. We attached the shelf with wood glue and brads (thinner headless nails) and the legs are attached with blind nuts- available in most hardware stores.
*** added after original post This set of little drawers has really made the rounds. Since being posted they have been seen all over the web and Pinterest. They even made it into Mary Janes Farm magazine! I was contacted from another publication to feature them and asked if I could redo the project to have a new look and staging. The second set has been completed and a blog post has been made to feature them. They will be published in Sommerset Home's Feb 2017 edition!
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**see the blog post here http://www.asouthernbellewithnorthernroots.com/2016/12/upcycled-drawers-times-two.html
Finished in Duck Egg and Cream with flower and bird house stencils, these are now cheery side tables.
*also added after original post, one reader suggested stacking- this was a project from last year. Drawers are fantastic pieces to work with!! Thanks for the overwhelming support on this project!!

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