Can I fight subterranean termites by myself?

I found termites when demoing our front porch. It doesn't look like they're into the main structure yet, but I'm afraid they'll migrate now that I've taken a good source of munchies away from them. Here's the blog post where I found them:
can i fight subterranean termites by myself, pest control
can i fight subterranean termites by myself, pest control
can i fight subterranean termites by myself, pest control
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  • If there was no mud in the wood then it was not termites. Even in their wood tunnels that they produce they carry some of the earth with them. If this post had cement on all sides and the bottom as well what looks like insect could have been moisture rot. Carpenter ants also can cause this. Were there holes above ground near the area where the post meets the soil surface? If so ants are most likely the critter. When installing posts, yes you need to use treated lumber. If not you should soak the board in liquid tar to help seal around it. Leave the bottom of the hole open with some gravel so any water can drain away. Then pour your cement around the post. It will still decay, but will last more years then just putting the post directly into a cement tomb as this one appears to ahve been placed.
  • Rachel Bear Rachel Bear on May 08, 2013
    you an also purchase termite spray at your hardware store and we spray twice a year. We live in Louisiana and they swarm out here real bad. works great. we spray around our brick home and on our posts, also inside on all the baseboards. It is 40ish a gallon but cheaper than a professional and when we purchased they had just repaired and treated for termites, we've had no problem and been here for 11 years.
  • Keller Pest Control Keller Pest Control on Jul 08, 2013
    At the risk of sounding like a smartalick No, No, No, No, No, No,, No, No, and I am sorry to say no. You will spend more time and money and worry attempting it yourself than if you hire someone, But if you insist you need to buy a 100 gallon tank, a gas powered motor with a side shaft pto drive. a hose reel about 150 feet of hose and fittings. A treating tool, hammer drill, bits, cork, concrete, and oh yes 3 gallons of termidor. The total cost about 3500.00 Then 12 hours labor for yourself and your good to go that is if you understand the biology of termites and the construction of your home. Would you treat your own cancer. Hire a professional and quit being a cheapskate LOL.
  • Karen Kay Babineaux Karen Kay Babineaux on Nov 16, 2014
    Get you a few Gallons of the Bayer Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus spray and then get a couple or more boxes of their Bayer Termite control stakes depending on how big your house is read the labels. I lifted up the insulation and sprayed the sheetrock and surrounding wood frame and around all of the attic air vents and walls area. I placed the stakes outside every 3 feet to be sure and around the premonitory walls of my house and one foot outward from the exterior walls. Been constantly checking and I haven't seen any more. Exterminators will tell you not to do this so they can make a few thousand a year off of you! Do it your self for $100.00 a year! Pest Control companies will holler and scream don't ever do this but they are full of Pure Bull just to make a customer and skin you out of your hard earned money! My Father taught me to do things for myself and it has paid off through the years in the thousands. I walk my 16.9 acre property and can see Termite trails on top of the ground where they even eat the dry grass and you can see their sand tunnels everywhere, but my house has none 15feet from the house LOL... ;)
  • Keller Pest Control Keller Pest Control on Nov 17, 2014
    Karen Kay Babineaux I read your reply and I guess its fortunate that my first response somehow got deleted before I could post it. I will try to make this one more positive. First of all I find it offensive when someone lumps an entire profession into one bundle and says that the entire industry is crooked and liars. I thing someone who does that is a very prejudicial and a small minded individual. I also think that before anyone should give advice on a subject they should learn as much as they can before they express an opinion that is as far away from being correct as is humanly possible. While I am sure your father was a very smart man I would like to ask you did he also perform his own surgery. Karen Kay Babineaux I don't want to get into what my dad called a "pissing contest". But can you please answer a few questions for me. What type of termites do you have do you have Drywood, Dampwood, Subterranean or Formosan. Is it possible to have more than one type.and how do you treat each of them. How do termites find food. What does a termite need to survive. Now about the chemicals that you bought. What is the active ingredient in your Bayer product, and how long is the residual, and how does it affect the termites.How do the monitors affect the termites. What is the emulsification rate, How is it supposed to be applied, How much does it take to treat a home, What is the lineal footage of your home.What type of foundation do you have. Did you drill the concrete to inject the material below the ground. How does spraying it on the wood deter termites. Where is the nearest water source around your home. Do you have a well, what type, how close. You said you bought three gallons are you aware that the label calls for 4 gallons per ten feet per foot of depth. An average home takes 2-400 gallons of the mixture. How much is 400 bottles of Bayer going to cost you and how do you apply it. Do you have injection equipment. I could go on but it would be futile and pointless I feel. In closing all I want to say is please don't be so biased, judge mental and yes prejudicial about people there are a lot of very professional and honest people in all industries. I choose to think that way rather than think the worst of people. In the words of my father don't talk bad about the other team and if you cant trust someone you yourself cant be trusted. I like to think both of our fathers were smart people.
  • Capernius Capernius on May 02, 2015
    there is this stuff called Diatomaceous Earth, it will kill them all eventually.there are many things you can use to kill ants that will also work on termites. Notice I said MANY, not all. there are some things you can use to kill ants that will have little or no effect on termites. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring rock in nature...if the kids, pets, or desirable wildlife should get ahold of this stuff & eat it, it will not harm them.... Here is more information on this product:
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