Asked on May 8, 2013

Where to find a glass pro?

Lu TSLS Construction & Building Solutions LLC


I need some help finding a professional, but I'm not even sure if such a person exists. I have glass plates (as in dishes) and I need to "punch" two holes in them. I'm thinking there is a pro out there that has what I can only imagine is a bit, or a drill press that can cleanly "drill" the holes. Do such people exist? What should I be looking for? Thanks you guys!
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  • I would call around to the glass shops in your area & see if they will do this for you or have any recommendations

  • Lu T
    on May 8, 2013

    yes thanks did that and the 2 places I called said I dunno. I'm wondering if a dremil glass bit might work...Thanks tho

  • Well as I mentioned in a question on drilling ceramics, there are drill bits available but glass plates is not something I would recommend trying them on especially if they have any sort of texture. If you wish to try make sure you keep the area wet & do not force it - just use gentle pressure & have the whole thing properly supported (foam would be my first choice)

  • Lu T
    on May 9, 2013

    Thanks for the advice, I will post my experiment results as soon as I can get to the big box store to see how many Benjamin s they can make disappear from my wallet. I used to call them my 100 dollar store but lately it's more like my 1k store. Sigh...

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