Is there a way to paint a prefab bathtub/shower? Mine is a horrible cream and always looks dirty.

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  • Try cleaning it with Bartenders Keeper or KrudKutter. Rustoleum sells a kit to repaint in white or almond and it retails for about $30. I have seen it at Home Depot but not sure they still carry it. You can get it online at Amazon. I haven't used it to do a tub....we usually use epoxy on older porcelain tubs for me or investors to flip the houses but the finish rarely lasts more than a year. Once done, you have to be careful with cleaning as that tends to ruin the finish. You can call professional tub refinishers who typically use Urethane systems. I would clean it well with TSP and wash it down with mineral spirits (paint thinner), let dry then paint with the kit. Let us know how it goes!

  • Whitney D Whitney D on Mar 01, 2012
    Thank you for the tips!

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 02, 2012
    My neighbor used one of these kits some years far is it still holding up. One consideration is the application method, she brushed hers and the brush marks are evident...for a better look rolling or spraying will give better looks. you could also have it refinished by a commercial outfit like Miracle Method

  • Whitney D Whitney D on Mar 02, 2012
    Oh good to know about the application method. We have a paint sprayer so I will probably use that. Unfortunately, there isn't a Miracle Method near us because that would make things so much easier! Thanks so much for your input!

  • Laura G Laura G on Mar 02, 2012
    My apartment complex refinished the tubs and they are chipping. Not sure what brand they used or if cleaners affect the finish either. Just thought I'd mention this. I wish I knew what they used and when they did it...grrr

  • Whitney D Whitney D on Mar 02, 2012
    Good to know, Laura. That is what I am worried about most!

  • Just a caution about spraying in such a small area like a bathroom. Make sure you have very good ventilation and wear a respirator. In an area that small it can fill up to where you can't even see in a matter of just a minute or two if not properly vented. If you have a window in there, make sure it is open and remove any screen or the paint will stick to it as it goes out the window. If you have no window, the spray in the air will "leak" out into the hallway/etc.

  • Whitney D Whitney D on Mar 02, 2012
    Thanks Dan! I don't have a window in there so I may have to rethink spraying as I really don't want to expose my 2 year old to that stuff.

  • Whitney, you might still be able to spray if you have a large bathroom. Just make sure that you cover the floor with a drop cloth outside the bathroom as well as inside. Use lowered pressure on the sprayer to reduce the over spray floating around in the air.

  • Exactly, just tarp everything off & use a respirator. You may be able to use a very fine Chinese bristle brush and brush out the product. I would try a brush first with the rustoleum product or a small roller and see how that goes. If you're not accustomed to using a sprayer...this isn't a project you want to tackle with one.

  • Whitney D Whitney D on Mar 04, 2012
    The bathroom is actually pretty small. Although we have used the sprayer for several jobs, I know that it is really not a good idea in this space.