13 Expensive Looking Outdoor Rug Ideas That Cost Less Than $20

When you're designing your outdoor areas this spring, keep these brilliant ideas in mind!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spray paint colorful stripes over a cheap rug

Outline stripes facing different directions and fill them in with a mix of bright colors.

Stencil a playful graphic with craft paint

Give a small carpet cute seasonal details (no matter the season) with fun mix painted shapes.

Make an intricate graphic with painters tape

Dress a cheap outdoor rug by marking areas with tape & covering it fully in spray paint.

Update last year's worn rug with a pattern

Turn an old fraying rug into a unique outdoor accent by adding colorful diamonds.

Add a large monogram to a doormat

Personalize your doormat and let guests know they've arrived, with a painted monogram.

Layer decorations over each other

Use a pretty stencil and layer the design throughout your rug, to get that designer look.

Give a cheap Home Depot rug gold highlights

Use a shimmery metallic hue to turn a cheap department store rug into a high-end accent.

Put colors on a sheet of astroturf

Turn fake grass into a real show-stopper, by adding bold, painted stripes with a border.

Make an easy paint pattern with brush strokes

Play with your brush to get a fun, one of a kind decoration to spruce up your rug.

Add bold stripes to a drop cloth

Use an inexpensive drop cloth to add bright color to your outdoor space, with this easy rug.

Lay down chevron tape for a quick update

Try some specially shaped tape, to make adding creative stripes and accents even easier.

Fake a rug by painting the floor

Skip the real rug makeover all together & paint a patch of patio or deck to look like a rug.

Outline a stately stencil with paint pens

Avoid the mess by dressing up a boring or cheap outdoor mat using easy paint pens.