Asked on Mar 3, 2012

Painting Doors. I have several doors in which to paint. While I normally brush them and normally only need to do one or

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two at a time. This time I am doing several. The owner has told me that the past contractor who painted them used an oil paint on them. I have no way of knowing if that is correct or not. However If I spray them, same color, bright white gloss. What special prep should I perform.
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  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Mar 3, 2012

    Sher-Wms Pro-Classic waterborne latex goes on top of oil with no priming. You only need to slightly dull the finish chemically or mechanically. And ofcourse they need to be free of dust or dirt. Chas.

  • Thanks, I thought that as well, but not doing a lot of painting and hearing about issues with top coating over Oil paint I was concerned about peeling. So I am going to sand, then wipe with chemical dulling agent, clean and spray. Let you know how it works out. Thanks Chas,

  • Peace has you for the prep. Use a chemical deglosser on them and then lightly sand. Wipe it clean with mineral spirits and let them dry. If you have a lot of doors to spray, it is easiest if you take them all off the hinges and remove the knobs, etc. Take them to a place where you can set them all up for spray. Having the area protected from wind/debris will be best. Stand them straight up and use a piece of scrap wood to fasten them together at the top in a chain "W" formation. That should give you the clearance to spray each side.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Mar 3, 2012

    Mineral spirits leaves an oily film. If you need a final wipe, Naptha works great because it evaporates cleanly.

  • What about using lacquer thinner to clean dust? Little flammable, but not such a big deal. I have gallons of the stuff from painting cars over the years.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Mar 4, 2012

    That'll work great, just not around a hot water heater (-; It's great you are staying busy.

  • Why don't you wipe them first with Goof-off and see if the "white" comes off...if it does, they aren't oil. Pro-Classic is a good paint for this. I'm not much for spray but with oil, you'll get a better finish...just watch for drips in the corners!

  • TEST first so you know. Denatured alcohol will weaken or dissolve latex, but will not touch oil based except top clean it a bit. I just wet a paper towel well and lay it on the surface, and cover that with plastic so it does not evaporate. Overnight is all it takes. Latex will then lift right off or at least will wrinkle and pucker up.

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