Asked on Mar 3, 2012

how to change the color of old trex - it isn't the new product - thanks

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  • I am not sure if you really can change the color. As its not really a wood product and I do not believe it will accept any stains. I would touch base with the Trex people on this one. Keep us posted on what you end up doing. Its not one of those things you hear much about doing.

  • Its Really Concrete, Inc.
    on Mar 4, 2012

    thanks, woody - had already talk'd w/trex who said no - not only that but, according to the 25yr warranty, we'd wind up on the wrong end of warranty issues/problems. what happened is our condo assoc's (board/managing director) got snookered by the painting contractor already onsite applying elastomeric coatings to the buildings. naturally i expect them to defend their actions but its kind of like someone peeing on my leg & telling me its raining, woody,,, 2 wks old & already its chipping/peeling & showing effects of beach pedestrian traffic - OY VEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The warranty honestly doesn't mean all that's drafted by lawyers and would need one to enforce it. With foot traffic on it, you'd have to have some sort of specialty primer first...followed by some sort of oil-based finish. You'd still be left with an annual maintenance issue. Elastromeric is an awesome product for siding & stucco...not for floors though!

  • I did not think they would ok doing it. I do not think it has anything to do other then the material simply will not allow the paint to bite into the finish allowing it to stick. And perhaps Trex is worried that some sort of chemical reaction to their materials could happen causing the boards to weaken?

  • Its Really Concrete, Inc.
    on Mar 4, 2012

    we often used elastomerics for commercial & historic restoration work,,, also installed the 1st trex boardwalks in NYC & NJ,,, yes, trex had some early start-up problems but they stood behind the products even for municipal projects,,, this present thread deals w/our incompetent mz-know-it-all onsite manager who's about to get her *** put into a sling - i didn't think there was but i'm not a painter - i just fix concrete, remember ? :-)

  • Trex is paintable. But like any paint job, 80% of doing it right is in the prep work. I would use a good latex no need for an elastomeric, IMO

    on Mar 8, 2012

    We have not experienced painting of the older composite Trex boards but we sure have heard a lot of complaints about the product. We currently sell and install Trex products and LOVE the product with the new technology shell but we have run into several people at home shows across the GA area that say they are having the same issues as it seems you are having with it fading. I do hope you find a soluttion!

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